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Passion Album

Reviewed by
Ronald Jackson



Vahe - Passion (

Reviewed by Ronald Jackson

With a sweetness and defining elegance as tantalizing as the beautiful culture itself,  flamenco guitarist Vahe offers a blend of rich traditional and modern styles on his latest release, entitled Passion, with nice touches of jazz and world music adding color to the project.  A production full of bright melodies, cozy hooks, and fitting horns and strings, the album has a smooth and very effective magnetic attraction.
There is much to enjoy here.  The title and opening track gives us a marvelously seductive trumpet accompaniment (I’ve always so admired the way that instrument is used in the world of Latin music; such a majestic presence).  Track two’s “Aranjuez,” with its ethereal string arrangement and world music undertones, is tender and unassuming while being quite melodic and containing a world music undertone. Another smooth tune,  track 4’s “Quiet Tears,” incorporates a little touch of France in the mix.  “Memories” is a lively “let’s dance” meringue-like piece with lots of melody, strings, and a really nice hook.
“Midnight Jazz” is another number that beckons you to the dance floor with its powerful cha-cha rhythm.  Then, there are tracks like the very rhythmic and lively “Gipsy” with its powerful horn arrangement .  The jazz influence comes through nicely on “Mystic Night” while still holding that Latin flair.
The beauty of this style of music is that someone like Vahe can take it to some very exotic and very tastefully melodic places, all the while maintaining a very contagiously and exuberant rhythm–and all in  such open and embracing environments as jazz and world music.  The colors can be as vivid and vibrant as one’s imagination, and, with this project, Vahe demonstrates that he obviously paints well. — Ronald Jackson



Inspiration Album

Interviewed by
Armen Manukyan


Автор Армен МАНУКЯН

Я узнал о существовании этого музыканта и впервые услышал его записи лишь пару месяцев назад. Его манера игры и его музыка сразу понравились, причем не только мне. Композиции мелодичные, красивые, легко запоминающиеся, ритмы танцевальные, заводные. Техника игры на гитаре - поразительная. О самом альбоме "Вдохновение" мы уже писали, но то была рецензия на альбом, а сама личность музыканта осталась "за кадром". Чтобы восполнить этот пробел, пришлось порыться в интернете, обратиться в фирму Gipsy Records, выпустившую этот альбом, чтобы выйти лично на музыканта.



Inspiration Album

Reviewed by
Carson James

Vahe inspires listeners with lovely summer-afternoon Latin jazz

Reviewed by Carson James
Artist: Vahe   Title: Inspiration

The title is certainly apt; Vahe has produced an album that is definitely inspired, a work of love and good feeling that warms the heart with each succeeding track. You don’t have to be a fan of Latin jazz to appreciate the sunny glow of the music here. The opening cut, “Romantic Whisper,” caresses the ears with its playful tropical percussion, shuffling beat, and incandescent acoustic guitar. The production is crisp and elegant; you can hear every subtle turn of the guitar strings. Vahe’s playing is mesmerizing and aims for beauty, which he effortlessly achieves.On “Rumba Flamenca,” the seduction continues as luscious guitar work cradles us with soft hands; it has a pleasant, summer-afternoon vibe that creates a sparkle in the eye. The title track is something altogether more ambitious, a sweeping, orchestral number that wows the senses. It is both cinematic and intimate, a rare combination that deserves to be treasured. There isn’t a single misstep on Inspiration. Vahe is a master craftsman with the loveliness of the world as his muse. We are inspired because of it.



Inspiration Album

Reviewed by
Vivian Fields

Vahe’s ‘Inspiration’ is rife with ‘evocative landscapes and exotic textures’

Reviewed by Vivian Fields
Artist: Vahe/Inspiration

The evocative landscapes and exotic textures of Inspiration create a relaxing, blissfully romantic mood that is hard to resist. With spring just around the corner, I can’t think of a better soundtrack for the upcoming season. The emotions that Vahe conjures up are of joy, love, and contentment, and not necessarily in that order. The upbeat “Journey” drives forward with sharply played guitar; the crystal-clear mixing enables the listener to savor each riff. If you suddenly begin to download cinematic images in your brain, that’s because Vahe’s music is painting them.
“Bossa Nova” and “Cha Cha Night” are wonderful dance tunes that will have the blood pumping, especially on large, powerful speakers. The piano on “Bossa Nova” is especially pretty. But Vahe understands the dynamics of Latin jazz, able to switch tones with the self-confidence of a veteran player. “Dream” slows down the groove for mournful introspection between two energetic compositions. From beginning to end this CD should be experienced without interruption, letting Vahe guide your feelings upward.